Transocean Anti-Corrosion Limited is the exclusive UK partner of AMPP (Formerly NACE International). AMPP is an American leading institute in the field of corrosion, industrial coatings and training. One of the training and certification courses that AMPP offers worldwide is the CIP program. The CIP training (Coating Inspector Program) is by far the worldwide standard when it comes to training and certification of industrial coating inspectors. A AMPP certified inspector holds an important professional degree and is highly recognized in the industrial coating industry.

The AMPP CIP qualification has an excellent reputation worldwide and is widely required by large clients from the offshore and petrochemical industry. Inspectors are trained, examined and in the case of a sufficient result, certified by AMPP. The program has three consecutive levels of certification,  Basis Coatings Inspector (formerly CIP level 1), Certified Coatings Inspector (formerly CIP level 2) and Senior Certified Coatings Inspector (formerly CIP level 3)

Basic Coatings Inspector

Basic Coatings Inspector (formerly CIP Level 1) is the basic level. This program can be followed without prior technical training. However, a thorough understanding of the English language is essential.

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    ​Basic Coatings Inspector covers the following topics:

    • Electrochemical corrosion and corrosion control
    • Coating specifications
    • Teamwork
    • Pre-job meeting
    • Climatic conditions, test instruments
    • Surface preparation
    • Coating application methods
    • Operating non-destructive test instruments
    • Practice day; the blasting of a test panel and the application of a 2-layer coating system by means of 2 application techniques
    • Coating technology


    Certified Coatings Inspector

    In order to become Certified Coatings Inspector (formerly CIP Level 2) certified, first the Basic Coatings Inspector must be fully completed. The Certified Coatings Inspector training must be followed including a successful completion of the exam. Ultimately, a certain amount of practical experience must be demonstrated. For this level, a thorough understanding of the English language is essential.

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    Certified Coatings Inspector is the advanced level in which the more specific topics are dealt with. For example:

    • Advanced corrosion
    • Water jetting
    • Centrifugal blasting
    • Human character traits / behavior (personal profile)
    • Specialized linings and coatings
    • Concrete
    • Hot dip galvanizing and metal spraying (TSZ, TSA)
    • Specialized application equipment
    • Maintenance of preservation systems
    • Coating surveys
    • Operating destructive and non-destructive test instruments (eg ultrasonic and eddy current coating thickness gauges, pull-off test, PIG / Took, etc.)

    Senior Certified Coatings Inspector

    Senior Certified Coatings Inspector (formerly CIP Level 3) is the so-called “Peer Review”. This is a 2-hour oral exam and includes technical questions from the course material of both Basic Coatings Inspector and Certified Coatings Inspector. Furthermore, a number of practical situations are outlined (what would you do if ……). You will be examined by three very experienced “peers”.

    If all levels are passed successfully, you will be recognized as being AMPP Senior Certified Coatings Inspector.

    For more information, please refer to the AMPP website:

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    In house CIP course

    In house CIP course. An “in house CIP training” is organized exclusively for your company by TCI.


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